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Yogyakarta–Raining Ash



I arrived in Yogyakarta around 8pm and the Rosalia-Indah bus took me to the Losman Setia Kawan where I scored a simple room with A/C.  This is a popular hotel in the Sosrowijayan area, so I was fortunate to get a room so late at night.  The hotel seems to be permanently full when most of the other hotels in Yogyakarta are empty.  I thought I would build up to Borobudur by experiencing Prambanan.  Prambanan is easy to get to as it is on the  1A bus route which also runs by the airport.  The temples here are one of the largest Hindu temple complexes in java, dating back to the 8th and 10th century.  The sculptured detail on the  stone blocks is exquisite. 

After I had visited Prambanan I booked a tour to visit the gem of Indonesia and some would say the gem of Asia, Borobudur.  Borobudur is a Buddhist temple built between AD 750 and AD850.  The temple contains around 500 Buddhist statues.    On top of six square terraces sit three circular ones.  In any event I only got to see the lower levels.  On the way to Borobudur (around 5:30), the volcano Merapi had another violent eruption.  We could see the ash spew into the air.  When we reached Borobudur, the ash was slowly falling around us.  In about an hour the monument was covered with a couple of inches of ash and visibility on the way back to Yogyakarta was similar to a heavy snow storm.

The volcano curtained a lot of typical Yogyakarta sight seeing and relaxing.  I did visit the Kraton and museum (Sultan’s Palace) which is still in use. In fact I visited twice as the second occasion I was able to watch javanese classical dance.



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