• Touzeur--Hotel--rooftop terrace



Touzeur--Hotel--rooftop terrace
Touzeur–Hotel–rooftop terrace

As the last train stops to the Southwest, the only airport in the region, Tozeur is a gateway to the touristic desert tours.  Tozeur could have been a touristic “ugly stick”.  It was charming, with warm days and balmy breezes at night (November).  The medina has unique brickwork and the new buildings echo the old style brickwork which is found in the older buildings in the medina. We stayed three days at the El Arich Hotel and had a fabulous room with a large varnished Arabic door at the end of a hallway.  Breakfast on the roof top and smuggled drinks on the terrace at night to see the stars.  A horse drawn carriage ride is a great way to see the Palm trees plantations and other locations such at the kichy Belvedere.  We discovered a local pub at the Splendid Hotel which had the coldest beer in Tunisia.    The entrance was made out to be a cave.  The fact that the place was likely a brothel was a minor point to be ignored in order to have a cold beer in the desert.    Nefta, the town next to Tozeur is similar, but has its own unique views and palmerie. The road from the loauge showed sand dunes, Bedouin sites, flat salt lakes and camels.


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