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Toilets and Terrorists

Canadian newspapers are so banal and boring.  The letters to the editor quickly fall into three categories:  the mature set who complain how things were better, harder, than now; those who blame everything including the reduced number of sheets on a roll of toilet paper on the government; and the missing third category of younger people who do not even pick up a pen to write other than in twitter speak.  Not so in India, articles and opinions flow in a high standard of English, phrased with a charming level of humor and sarcasm that W.C. Fields would have liked.  Today’s India Times is a good example.  A terrorist had bombed and killed a number of people at a recent political gathering.  The captured terrorist escaped through a toilet window at the police station.  At length the article bestowed praise on the Police Academy and their training as to inquire when a detainee is to do a “big job” or a “little job” in the toilet and then time the detainee accordingly before barging in.  They also suggested that police should get extra training in foot print identification—as all public toilets in India have wet floors, thus a fleeing felon would leave footprints leading to his immediate capture.  That was it, just let the message hang out there and let the message sink in.  Perhaps Canadians need fewer Apps and more writing skills.

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