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The Kitchen–Bariloche

The kitchen is the hub of most hostels.  It is where you meet other people staying in the hostel.  I have often thought about writing a cookbook from the recipes I see concocted in the “kitchen”.  Some kitchen are well stocked with cooking utensils, fridges, baskets for your food (fridge and non fridge) and markers as well as a general area for condiments that are available for all.  In other hostels you have 2 burners, 3 pots and 1 knife so cooking can get creative.

La Bolsa Deporte (Bariloche) has a well equipped kitchen and a great assortment of condiments.  Each guest gets two baskets for food.  There are two fridges and two stoves and an assortment of cooking utensils including several of the Italian stove top coffee makers.  You can see why I like this hostel.

he kitchen is the place where exchanges are made re information about good places to stay.  It is whre current information is available re trekking, buses, other trips and also where groups ar foremd to share the cost of the transport or a tour.

The kitchenis the place to meet everyone staying at the hostel, and share stories and hear adventures from past trips and listen to future plans.

From France, a couple is learning everything they can from a woman who owns horses about a walk they plan from Esquel to Mendoza.  They plan to buy 3 horses, one for provisions and two for riding and walk the entire way, camping along the way.

Meet Wolfgang, from Austria, a reited engineer is planning his third trip in Chle to trek in the back country.  It will take him 3 days to travel from Bariloche to his trekking destination.

Two young Americans from Colorado are skiing after the close of ski season by trekking up the slopes and then skiing down.

Jacob from Germany has been hitch hiking all through Argentian and plans to make it from Bariloche to Ushaia in three days.

Then there is a group of students from France who are doing an exchange.  They are studying Nuclear Physics.  Bariloche has an Atomic Energy Centre located next to the military school.

In the last hostel in San Martin de Los Andes I met Bob who is cycling through Argentina.  I ran into him on the street in Bariloche and he was having to head back to San Martin as the front shocks on his bike were leaking oil.

What a mix of wonderful and intereting people, each person with a story, and adventure and information to share

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