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Fortified granaries?  If the photo looks vaguely familiar, it’s because this areas was used for some of the Star Wars desert footage.  They are in fact ancient grain storage rooms, all within these 10-meter high walls.  Clearly, stolen grain meant starvation, so one protects the supply.  These hillside “forts” Ksours (single is Ksar) also serve as defense positions if required.  We saw three within a few hours.  Each village had its own defense system.  Amazingly, you can still walk into many of them.  Old water jugs, cemented into the corners and 200-pound clay jars are left covered with dust.

The amazing this is from 8am until noon—three sites (one a USESCO World Heritage Site) and not one other tourist.  The only other people were old Berber men gathered in the shade drinking coffee and talking.  They smile; we smile.  Actually save for the bird song of the sparrows it is as silent as a church on a Monday morning.

I ask our guide, Ali as to the lack of tourists.  It’s the French media he explains.  The French are fearful.  Ah c’est le Francais, c’est le Francais!  Oddly, the Americans are not even mentioned.







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