I wrote this while I was waiting for the taxi to fill up from Sayun to Mukalla.

I am siting waiting for other passengers to take the share taxi to Al Mukalla.  It is Friday and therefor it is taking more time that usual to wait for 11 passengers to fill the car.  I am sitting on the steps   reading when  when a man gets into the car and starts talking to me in Arabic . I assumed he was one of the passengers so I ignored him, but he was persistent and started to make the universal signs for sex and repeating the word funduq which is Arabic for hotel.

After ignoring him and his consistent persistent I say, la Arabi” several times.  I am now looking at him and he lifts up his futa (sarong style skirt) and with one hand he picks up his flacid penis and wiggles it at me.  I start laughing and he scoots away.  I should have been quicker and said shwei shwei which is the arabic word for little or small.

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