Glorious Yemen!  My “dry” international flight fron Addis to San’a landed at 12:30 pm.  Upon entry into the immigration/visa hall I noticed the ATM machine was down and was ushered through to use the machine in the waiting area and then headed back to the visa window to purchase my visa for 5500 rials.  I was directed to sit while the paper work was conducted.  Upon exiting the airport I was invited to take a taxi but declines and was directed to the gate 100 meters away to where a mini bus was waiting to take me to the Souq outside the city centre (Hasabah) where someone put me on another  mini bus which went about 400 meters from the hotel I had booked in Old San’a.  The first night I stayed in Sana Nights Tourist Hotel which shares a court yard with The Golden Dar which caters to tour groups, mostly from France.  For 16 dollars you get a mattress on the floor, shared bathroom and a view.  In comparison to the Old San’a Palace for 10 dollars you get a mattress on the floor, a shared bathroom and a view.  The Old San’a Palace could do with a bit of tidying, but has a very nice, helpful manager.  It was marvelous to look out my window as I lay on the mattrress and drink the daily allowanece from the permitted one litre of cognac!

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