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Roman Ruins

Roman ruins--partial site

Roman ruins–partial site

Generally, if your basic building block is a solid stone .5 meter by 1 meter long which are stacked like legos will last 2000 years.  The only problem is that once your culture falls out of favor or is captured by another empire your blocks are still the best blocks and the stones are dragged away for construction sites to be used for  another 1800 years plus. (a good example of recycling and sustainability).  Thus, the best sites are not in Rome; but in forgotten outposts in Tunisia where the recyclists could not manage to haul it all away.  The best sites are in remote areas passed by the developers.  What you see will amaze you.  Each site is unique, for its own reasons, but generally, there is always the repeating theme. The forum is in the centre of the town (usually the on a sizeable plateau (5 kilometers square).  The theatre and multiple temples to various gods and a number of thermal baths.  The stunning part is that many of the theatres, temples and baths are still standing in original form.  Below your feet, mosaics are everywhere, some in astonishing good condition.  Although the best ones have been extracted and lie in the Bardo museum in Tunisia.

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