Qat chewing seems to be the dominant pass time of the majority of Yemeni Men and some women.  It is rumored that a third of annual income is spend on this harmless, but highly addictive stimulant (leaf Many offices including government offices and banks close around 1pm which is when the serious qat chewing starts.  Also, many retail and services business close from 1 – 4pm which is the qat chewing activity is in full swing.The leaves are carefully selected from the branches (qat is a tree-shrub) and stuffed inside the check and chewed  endlessly.  Drinking water accompanies the chewing.  By late afternoon the bulging cheeks will be noticeable as men go back to their business.  It is interesting to have a conversation with someone who has a mouthful of qat.  It is like trying to talk with  a mouthful of gum.

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