Le Kef

  • Le Kef--Fortress

Le Kef


Le Kef--Fortress

Le Kef–Fortress

When your town is called “the rock” it is a good place to build a fortress “Kasbah” on the hilltop.  Under the fortress stacked houses are sheltered on the slope below.  We had a lovely room in a small hotel next to the city walls and pointing towards the Kasbah view. On there roof terrace we had a wide panoramic view.  It is a small town, with only one real restaurant, but it was enough to stay another day.  Scrambling around the Kasbah (actually two fortresses build, one in 1500 and the other 1700.  It was used by the Tunisian army until 10 years ago.    The local cultural museum is a must see.  The ticket seller became our guide and recited the Koran in the madrass.  The echo effect was enchanting.  He also showed us the large crude circumcision scissors.  The rest of the town is full of roman ruins, thermal bath and mosaics all within a block from the hotel.

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