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Khartoum to Ethiopia

After three trips to the Khartoum Immigration office  and then a requesat for 87sp (45$) for an exit stamp I asaked for my passport to be returned and thh next morning Ileft the hotel at 5:30am to catch a mini bus to the main bus station to Gederof a town near the Ethiopian border.  I was on my way by 8:30 am and arrived in Gederof around 3:pm and checked into the Wadi Siteet Hotel (15sp) for the room.  The manager of the hotel was very helpful as I needed to change a few dollars  and an internet care.  The next morning he took me to the boksai station which connects to the mini bus station to Galebaud.  The three hour trip to Galabaud had at least 8 passport checks and soldiers riding on the roof of the mini van between various check points.

Reaching Galebaud I registedwith security, customs and finally immigratin whre my passport sans exit stamp was duly stamped and I was free to enter Ethiopia.  I crossed the border at Metemeta and completed immigratin in the mud hut off the main road.  I was immediately besieged by change money and offers of help.  The money changers would only change 50 or 100$ bills at extortian rates.  I told them I had only 10$ in cash and the rest in travel cheques.  But no one would change my ten.   I wandered around town for almost an hour looking for change.  Finally in frustratin I went on a crying jag and my last 4sp was converted into Bir which gave me enough money to take the bus to the next town (Shihedi)  which had a bank.

When the bus arrived it was beseigedby a 100 people clamoring to get on.  The bus driver must have heard about my situation as he pushed everyone away and I was given a choice of any seat on the bus before the hoardes of humanity got on.  I checked into the best hotel in town (25bir).  A couple of secondary school teachers helped me to find food. The next mornign the bus left at 6am and I was at the bus station at 5:30am

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  1. Eden tamre July 23, 2008 at 6:01 am

    Hi there,

    I have been reading your article; which is very nice and really encouraging! I am 24 years old girl who currently is gathering information on how to cross the border of Ethiopia to Sudan to help some freinds who are planning to do it on motorcycle. I hope you will help me with some of the things I am going to raise.
    In Shihedi what is the name of the hotel you checked in for 25.00 birr?
    Have you stopped in Wad Medani before your stop at Gedaref? Or do you have any idea at all about Wad Medani?
    In general what do you think should not be missed while visiting the towns/cities that are located one ones way from Metema to Khartoum?

    I thank you in advance for your kind response!

    All the best,

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