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Khartoum Impressions–Oct 18

Arriving in Khartouum to souq arabi via mini bus from Atbara I asked, “where is the city centre?”  the low rise buildings and mud streets, absence of sidewalks and street hawkers are more indicative of a suburban area.   Khartoum has been likened to Maun in Botswana.  I say it is a combination of Maun and Lusaka in Zambia.

 My picks

1. Internet cafes–two to three on every street from 1 – 1.5 sp.  Ask the locals.  The more expensive ones have A/C so you can type and get a 30 minute cold air fix. for only .75sp.

2. Hotel  al Nakhil (30sp for a single with bathroom and fan)

3. Restaurants in Khartoum 2 (Sharia al Jazira–restaurant street)

Taneim Restaurant–great flan (creme carmel for 2sp)–next to the Shell station

Bakery next to the Chinese Restaurant

Real burger and Pizza (great pizza for 6 – 8sp for a small (next to the Shell Station)

4.  Lots of Land Cruisers with UN or NGO insignia

5.  Lots of paperwork and registration and photocopying for paper work

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