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Jigger/Chigger Fleas

I noticed some black round spots on a couple of toes on my right foot.  But with th dust and cold showers I thought it was permanent dirt until it started to develop into a lump.  I thought it was a blister as I had been walkignso much so I went to the Bethzatha Hospital in Addis to have it looked at.  For 40 Bir (4 dollars) I had a consultation with a doctor who with a glance assed me as having Jigger Fleas afrer he scorned my sandal clad feet while asking me where I had been traveling.

 As it was late in the day I was invited back for 9am the following morning for removal of the uninvited guests.

I arrived at the hospital emergency at 9am and after paying 250bir (25 dollars) and 90 minutes of waiting room entertaining I was invited into the inner sanctum where a doctor asked if I wanted a local anasthetic. I declined and he put on sterile gloves and used 2 different types of disinfectect/alchohal to clean the area.  He then opened sterile package of a blade and proceeded to cut starting with the big toe.  With tweezers he extracted the parasite and then put in more disinfectent to kill any eggs which may not have come out.   He offered to show me the invader but I declined as my stomach was doing loops.  He then did the same process for the second toe.  After carefully cleaning and killing any offending eggs He put on a couple of bandages and I was free to go.. after only 30 minutes.

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