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Ethiopia-Bahir Dar

I have so many stories where can I start. Some days it is just too much. Every day brings with it some wonderful experiences which I wish I could record. Ihave had a great deal of attention.  A flight attendant from Ethiopian Airlines who I met on the monastery tour,  invited me to dinner.  He has just finished his MBA and so the conversations about Africa and AID and foreign investment went on the three hours.   Yesterday at the Blue Nile water falls  I met  a fellow who is high level security manager for the Bahir Dar area invited me to his family home for a coffee ceremony and then to dinner.

Today after arguing with the slimy hotel  (Ghion Hotel) to change  rooms to a front room,  I will see…but it is prime location on the lake and only 12 bucks a nite and it has hot water..the rooms are nothing

I cannot even begin to tell you all I have expereines and I have 8 more weeks to go. 

so I need to get backto my hotel and see if I can shame them into changing my room…that is another story…

Yesterday I was told I come change to room 2.  I came back and room 2 was  occupied.  Come gack at 3.. you can have room 28. I came back ..come back in 20 minutes…nothing…then come back I came back and room 28 was occupied…while i was screaming at the front desk a couple came in with their guide and issued the key to room 28 .so I made the manager write and sign a piece of paperI would get  a new room today.  So we will see

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