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In the middle of a high sloping hill the Namiians (from Libya) around 200 BC built Thugga.  The Romans conquered and call het place Dougga.  Once the Romans left, it languished above on a hill.  After Thugga and Dougga—what’s left anyway?  The small new village 7 kilometers away has left Dougga.  Dougga is a world heritage site and should be.  It is huge and remarkably well preserved with both.  The centrepiece, the capital, still has its 10-meter high arches with solid marble pillars.  The theatre high on a slope holds 3500, and commands spectacular views to the new town of Dougga. We took the bus from Le Kef and then hitched a ride from the Ville Noveu.  On the way back to Le Kef we caught the bus at Teboursouk and were introduced to lablabi, soup filled up with broken bread.

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