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Dongola to Kerima Oct 11

Norm left tehhotel at 8am to seek his luck with transport to Khartouwm and I went to cross the Nile to seek transport to Karima.  the ticket seller insisted I have a permit to cross the river so back to the security office…a long way for a meaningless piece of paper as I had already crossed the river before.  I was fortunate to get a seat on a HiAce (mini van) for 30sp which left at 11:30 and arrived by 3:00pm.   I wandered to the Nassr Hotel which was closed so the rickshaw repair place next door (with A/C) phoned Asherif to open the hotel.  The A\C was welcome after the hot and dusty ride accross another desert road.

After registering with security I wandered to Jebel barkal the looming mountain surrounded by small pyramids and ruins.  I climbed to the top to watch the surroundings.  On the way back to Karima I got lost and stopped to ask directions and was taken back into town by the person who I asked. 

From Kerima I visited el Kurru, two tombs with amazing preserved paintings.  I went out of the hotel at 7am and it was already hot.  The town looked deserted.  I tooko yogurt and water back to the hotel and went out again at 9am to find the mini bus to El Kurru which left at 10 for the 30 minute trip.  I also found the bus information about transport to Atbara.  At this stage I was starting to run out of money and with the holidays the banks were closed for 4 days.  And it seems that by the time one reached Dongola the money changers disappeared.  In Karmina I slept under the stars. A few wind gusts ensured a cool and peaceful sleep.  I was the only guest in the el Nassar hotel which ha about 75 to 100 beds spread thoughout the compound.

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