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Depilicion –Esquel

It is hard to know  what cosmetics and  personal care items  to take when traveling.  For example,  on this trip to Argentina and Chile  I took hair  color as quality   blonde hair color is hard to find in countries  where the majority of the population has dark hair.     In both Argentina and   Chile   both  my color  and brand    were readily available at the same price as at home.

But hair spray which is usually more common    has only 2 – 3 brands which are sold in large aerosol cans  at a high price.    Face moisturizer with  at least 25 SPF  is hard to find.  Even Nivea and Oil of Olay, common  international brands provide only one 10 SPF option.   One would expect this if a country has people who have skin less pone to burn.   However,  this is a contrast to the  rows  of blonde hair color which is readily available in the stores.

Other hard to find items are dental floss and when it is available it is also much higher priced than at home.       Sunscreen in now  readily available in the large centers and tourist towns.

And of course the topic of this article, hair removal.   In many counties waxing is a common part of the beauty  routine for women.   For example, in India and the Middle East and some parts of Latin America waxing is available for ten dollars or less and it is quick and easy.  The same for pedicures, manicures and facials, they are   reasonably priced in comparison to home.   

It is hard to know  what may be available and at a reasonable price.  Lots of advice is available about how to get money and packing and selecting the right luggage.

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