Delhi--rooftop view

Delhi–rooftop view

Delhi can assault the nerves; chronic horn pollution, pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, bike cabs, three wheelers, cars, delivery trucks, hand carts to eight feet, cow pulled wagons, hawkers crying, “where you go,” all keep conveying on narrower and narrower streets.  It is interesting to view when you are in a three wheeler; it is like the bible story–the parting of the Red Sea.  Drivers of all kinds believe that with enough horns and shouting all will separate for you.  It is somewhat true as it somewhat works, until full gridlock hits–with more honking, shouting and gesturing to each other.  A police officer with six foot cane gestures and yells people into some form of movement.  Adding to this are loud speakers advertisements and  firecrackers (It is the festival of Divali).  Twenty meters can feel like twenty miles and can take a long.  But wait, the hotel has a roof top restaurant; we are the only people in the restaurant, being well served like the Maharajas of old five stories above the fray below.  The sign in the hallway that reads liquor is prohibited, is ignored and beer is available for a price.  This is the ying and yang of Delhi!

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