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Cognac in Ethiopia


I acquired a taste for cognac in the Ukraine in the Spring of 2007.  At home in Canada it has become an expensive habit to maintain.

After alcohol abstinence during travels to Sudan I was delighted to find so many bars, beers and so much alcohol in Ethiopia. I enjoyed the beers,but was also was intrigued by the bar menu which listed hard alcohol at 2 bir per serving (20 cents).  Gin, Ouzo, and whiskey being the popular drinks. I saw cognac on the menu and for 2 bir I ordered it to taste. I was surprised that it was quite good. I was directed to a liquor vendor and purchased a 750 millilitre bottle for 30 bir (3 dollars)/  I found out that if I took the bottle back I would get 10 bir back.

I gave samples to my travelling companies who were also impressed with the smoothness for the price.

Finding cognac and other local alcohol requires some perseverance as it is not in the supermarkets which carry the expensive international brands  of alcohol. Generally the best way to find it is to go shop to shop and when bottles of liquor are spotted to ask for the brand and type ..and be directed to the place where the locals buy their local booze!

The good news is I can take a litre of alcohol to Yemen.I am going shopping on Saturday to insure I have my supply for when I leave for Yemen on December 2.

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