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It has been 11 years since I have set foot in India.  I flew out of Calcutta and this time I flew into Kolkata.  What should I expect from this emerging global powerhouse? I expected that the International airport should have several ATM machines.  Wrong!!  The airport had one ATM machine which is [...]

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Escape from Yogyakarta

KL looks shiny and new in comparison to Indonesia.  I had a long hot shower and although it is hot, I do not have the grit of ash and dust on me.  I am looking forward to my trip to North India.  Darjeeling and keep posted. The volcanic eruption in Indonesia has [...]

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Surabaya to Malang

Surabaya to Malang After a cycle rick shaw  (becak) ride to the train station I pushed my way on to the 7:40am economy train to Malang.  As it was a Sunday the train was exceptionally busy.  It made its way into Malang around 10:30am.  I took a becak to Jona’s Homestay, a small [...]

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