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Depilicion –Esquel

It is hard to know  what cosmetics and  personal care items  to take when traveling.  For example,  on this trip to Argentina and Chile  I took hair  color as quality   blonde hair color is hard to find in countries  where the majority of the population has dark hair.     In both Argentina and   Chile   both  my color  and [...]

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The Kitchen–Bariloche

The kitchen is the hub of most hostels.  It is where you meet other people staying in the hostel.  I have often thought about writing a cookbook from the recipes I see concocted in the "kitchen".  Some kitchen are well stocked with cooking utensils, fridges, baskets for your food (fridge and non fridge) and markers [...]

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Pucon–Thermas–Hot Springs–Pozanes

After celebrating the success of the trek to the top of Villarrico Volcano the hot springs beckoned.  The 1:30 Bus (Pullman 1200 pesos--one way) arrived at 2:30 pm. The bus driver reminded us that the last bus was at 6:30 pm.  The Pozones springs  (3500  pesos) are the most natural and are surrounded with trees and [...]

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The country side around Pucon is spectacular, lakes, trees, hot springs, volcano and rolling mountains. This popular summer tourist  area reminds me of Banff 300 years ago.  Cattle and sheep graze in the fields and the grass is sparkling, green, green, green. After an overnight bus ride (19,000 pesos--cama class--Tur Bus) from Santiago I found [...]

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Santiago, in spite of its 6 million population is a nice walking city and is easy to manage with Metro and buses.   Many parks and plazas provide both entertainment and refuge. From the airport I took TRANSVIP mini bus to the Andes Hostal which had been pre booked by the hostal.  Payment could [...]

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