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  Bizerte --dinner at the Phoenician Restaurant We took a bus from Tunis to Bizerte.  The transportation system in Tunis and around the country is well organized and very inexpensive.  The public transport in Tunis included buses, trams and a metro.  We arrived in Bizerte by 10am and were enchanted by the beauty [...]

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Wedding Dress Shop--Tunis The laid-back capital of Tunisia has a large boulevard for strolling and drinking coffee and a very authentic souk.  The Bardo Museum, the jewel of all museums hosts one of the world’s largest collections of Mosaics.  Most of the mosaics and other collections are from Tunisia’s ancient sites.  The museum [...]

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Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said Continuing on, the train goes to Sidi Bou Said which is a picture perfect town perched on a hill.  Blue and white shutters and doors and cascading bougainvillea complement Spanish and Muslim architecture.  The cobbled stone streets are lined with cafes, tourist shops and restaurants.

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   Cathage statue and me Carthage, a Phoenician colony, biggest trade metropolis of the world; razed by the Romans is now a UNESCO world Heritage site. We took a thirty-minute train ride from Tunis to the site, as it is now a suburb of Tunis. The Carthaginian Empire, Rome's archenemy, was centered in Tunisia. Its [...]

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Cathage statue and me We have arrived, almost a week ago and have been busy sight seeing since the plane landed.  We are now in Tabarka and the day has been quiet as it is Eid al-Adha, a very important Muslim holiday.  We have wifi in our hotel and it works great so [...]

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