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Matmata--breakfast in the cave George Lucas fans will recognize the village of Matmata. The troglodyte dwellings here were used as the set for the young Luke Skywalker's home of Tatooine. Funny, the town located close to Matmata is called Tataoine.          

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  Touzeur--Hotel--rooftop terraceAs the last train stops to the Southwest, the only airport in the region, Tozeur is a gateway to the touristic desert tours.  Tozeur could have been a touristic “ugly stick”.  It was charming, with warm days and balmy breezes at night (November).  The medina has unique brickwork and the new buildings echo [...]

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Le Kef

  Le Kef--Fortress When your town is called “the rock” it is a good place to build a fortress “Kasbah” on the hilltop.  Under the fortress stacked houses are sheltered on the slope below.  We had a lovely room in a small hotel next to the city walls and pointing towards the Kasbah [...]

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  Bella Regia Mosaics3The price tag for Bulla Regia was having to stay in Jendouba.  The only tourist attraction in town is a few stork nests.  The bunker like hotel was quite thought we were the only guests.  The cavernous restaurant/bar below was closed due to Eid was perhaps a good thing, given the number [...]

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  Dougga--Capital2 In the middle of a high sloping hill the Namiians (from Libya) around 200 BC built Thugga.  The Romans conquered and call het place Dougga.  Once the Romans left, it languished above on a hill.  After Thugga and Dougga—what’s left anyway?  The small new village 7 kilometers away has left Dougga.  [...]

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