Khartoum–Omdurman–whirling dervish

After having my exit stamp application rejected because the signature of the manager of the hotel I was staying was a photocopy and not an original I consoled myself by taking the mini  (local) bus to Omdurman.  The mini bus stations have been moved to the outskirts of the city from Soug Arabi.  The mini [...]

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Khartoum Impressions–Oct 18

Arriving in Khartouum to souq arabi via mini bus from Atbara I asked, "where is the city centre?"  the low rise buildings and mud streets, absence of sidewalks and street hawkers are more indicative of a suburban area.   Khartoum has been likened to Maun in Botswana.  I say it is a combination of Maun and [...]

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Atbara to Khartoum (Meroe)

With instructions in English and Arabic   from Anthony I caught the mini bus to Ed daer.  Here I changed for Shendi and asked to be let off at Bajarawija to visit the pyramids at Meroe with the hopes of catching a bus to Khartoum after the visit. After the visit to the pyramids it took [...]

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Karima to Atbara

I got on the 8:30am bus to Atbara which arrived around 3pm after long waits at two ferry crossings.  I checked into the Nile Hotel, an oasis, clean rooms, clean bathroom and sheets and friendly Coptic Christian owner, Anthony.  I wanted to stay for weeks. In the evening I found an ice cream store, my [...]

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Dongola to Kerima Oct 11

Norm left tehhotel at 8am to seek his luck with transport to Khartouwm and I went to cross the Nile to seek transport to Karima.  the ticket seller insisted I have a permit to cross the river so back to the security office...a long way for a meaningless piece of paper as I had already [...]

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