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Gerry Bar–Bahir Dar

Chumpa invited me to the hotest night club on Saturday night.  We arrived around 8pm whch was early, but by 9pm people were filling the chrome ad black seats sprinkled through out intimate club. Men ordered beer and women waited for the men to buy them a drink.  The men pretended they were busy talking [...]

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Buying Bananas–Bahir Dar

>It is market day in Bahir Dar on this warm and sunny Saturday. People from the surrounding communities come into town to sell wares as well as replenish supplies.  I sat on a curb behind a banana seller to observe the comings and goings. Two girls dressed in green traditonal clothing each picked up a [...]

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Ethiopia-Bahir Dar

I have so many stories where can I start. Some days it is just too much. Every day brings with it some wonderful experiences which I wish I could record. Ihave had a great deal of attention.  A flight attendant from Ethiopian Airlines who I met on the monastery tour,  invited me to dinner.  He has just finished [...]

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Khartoum–Omdurman–whirling dervish

After having my exit stamp application rejected because the signature of the manager of the hotel I was staying was a photocopy and not an original I consoled myself by taking the mini  (local) bus to Omdurman.  The mini bus stations have been moved to the outskirts of the city from Soug Arabi.  The mini [...]

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Khartoum to Ethiopia

After three trips to the Khartoum Immigration office  and then a requesat for 87sp (45$) for an exit stamp I asaked for my passport to be returned and thh next morning Ileft the hotel at 5:30am to catch a mini bus to the main bus station to Gederof a town near the Ethiopian border.  I was [...]

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