Mekele to Waldia and Lalibella

  Lalibella is famous for its rock hewn churches which are touted as Ethiopia's main attraction.  From Mekele it is a two day bus trip with an overnightin Waldia which is the junction town.  The road between Mekele and Waldia and paved and our bus made the trip in 4 1/2 hours.  The road from [...]

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Danakil Depression

    Our group was recanting the highlights of our trip our dinner at the Atsety Johannes Hotel when Lauren casually mentioned that the hut where we had slept the night before was where the English tourists had been kidnapped three months before.  Seven of us with 2 land rovers, drivers, scout, guide, and soldiers [...]

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Shire to Aksum

The bus left Shire at 6:30 and arrived in Axum at 8am.  The bus let me out at the Africa Hotel and I scored the last room  with a private bath (60bir) and was off to see the sites from the Aksumite period. At the Northern Stelea Field I was approacaed by a couple from France, [...]

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Gondar to Shire (Aksum)

I arrived at the bus station at 5:30am and waited with the masses at the closed gates until I was scooped through and put on the bus to Shire in the select front  before everyone.  The gates of the bus station open at 6am and everyone runs to their bus to select the most choise front [...]

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Gerry Bar–Bahir Dar

Chumpa invited me to the hotest night club on Saturday night.  We arrived around 8pm whch was early, but by 9pm people were filling the chrome ad black seats sprinkled through out intimate club. Men ordered beer and women waited for the men to buy them a drink.  The men pretended they were busy talking [...]

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