Cognac in Ethiopia

  I acquired a taste for cognac in the Ukraine in the Spring of 2007.  At home in Canada it has become an expensive habit to maintain. After alcohol abstinence during travels to Sudan I was delighted to find so many bars, beers and so much alcohol in Ethiopia. I enjoyed the beers,but was also [...]

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Addis to Arba Minch

I caught the bus at 5am to Arba Minch and was lucky to score a seat near the front as the 11 hour trip is very bumpy.  In fact a couple of times people were jostled out of the back seats on to the floor when the driver when over a large bump. We arrived [...]

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After 6 weeks of basic amenities te offering fo Addis were too tempting.  Addis is a very mellow, easy going, city with many services to support the large NGO and UN community. First class restaurants at McDonald's prices serve mediterannean, Italian, India and Middle Eastern Food in attractive surrounds. The city is easy to nafigate [...]

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Jigger/Chigger Fleas

I noticed some black round spots on a couple of toes on my right foot.  But with th dust and cold showers I thought it was permanent dirt until it started to develop into a lump.  I thought it was a blister as I had been walkignso much so I went to the Bethzatha Hospital [...]

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Ethiopia is not for those with a weak bladder

The long bus rides over the bumpy so called roads can play havoc on ones kidneys. The bus rarely stops for distances of less than 5 hours and may only make one stop for longer 8 - 12 hour trips. I have yet to find a bathroom at any place where the bus stops. On [...]

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