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Qat chewing seems to be the dominant pass time of the majority of Yemeni Men and some women.  It is rumored that a third of annual income is spend on this harmless, but highly addictive stimulant (leaf Many offices including government offices and banks close around 1pm which is when the serious qat chewing starts.  Also, many retail [...]

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I wrote this while I was waiting for the taxi to fill up from Sayun to Mukalla. I am siting waiting for other passengers to take the share taxi to Al Mukalla.  It is Friday and therefor it is taking more time that usual to wait for 11 passengers to fill the car.  I am [...]

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"Could I get a ticket for the night bus to al Mukalla tonite.  "Mafi" says the female ticket agent.   I asked "finished?"  After some discussion an interpreter tells me foreigners are not permitted on night buses in Yemen.  So I ask for a ticket for the next morning "Paper?" directs the ticket seller.  "No! No!" [...]

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Zabid El Mokha and Taiz

After going to the famous fish market in Hodeida and wandering the souqs and eating the second best meal in Yemen....grilled fish and cheese  sauce and bread fresh from the hot oven where the fish are grilled I took a share taxi to Zabid which has been given a UNESCO designation. I arrived around 1pm [...]

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Haraz Mountains

The tourism police approved my 6 day circuit to the Haraz mountains and to the Red Sea (Hodeida) and then south to Zabid and Al Makha and then to T'aiz and back to Sana. At 6am I went to Bab Al-Yemen to catch mini bus to the bus station but was directed to a share taxi outside the [...]

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