Cairo–Oct 6

Cairo–Oct 6

I am still in Cairo.  I checked out of my hotel at 6:30 and took a taxi to the train station. I thought I would check to see if the ferry booking office might be open…but it was closed.  There were many people waiting so I asked them about getting ferry tickets in Aswan.  They all said it is easier in Cairo…so what to do.

I had a ticket for the 7:30 am train to Aswan.  I went to the train ticket office to see if I could get my ticket changed and was told no.  In about 2 minutes a woman came to buy a ticket to Luxor so she took my ticket and I got a new ticket for tommorrow for Aswan.

By 8:30 I had my ferry ticket…second class sleeping on the deck and I have a protector. It was deemed I need looking after so Mr Adbubeker will look after me to insure I reach Wadi Halfa safely.  Everyone was so helpful and kind to me.

The best is that the line up was long, but women have their own que so I was the first one to get my ticket.

I am wondering if there has been a campaign to welcome tourists to Egypt.  Everyone has been very helpful…with welcome, welcome, welcome to Cairo/Egypt coming from all corners.  When I stop on the street to figure out where I am I am often asked if I need help.  Of course the taxi drivers are still the same..

I then checked in to the Happyton Hotel, a few minutes walk to the train station…and turned on the A/C and  had a long nap. 

 I have ferry tickets, and train tickets a 6am wakeup call and a visa for Sudan.  Tonight will be an early night.

I love going out in the evening around the time of breaking the fast.  It is not possible to capture on film all the images.  I was looking for flan which is always easy to find in Cairo.  But with Ramadan the sweet shops are taken over with sweet baklava like pastries, which are even too sweet for me.  So I settled for dates instead to tide me over for the 13 hour train ride on Sunday.

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