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Bamboo Train--Norrie

Bamboo Train--Norriecomfort house

Battambang is a delightful riverside town with well-preserved French Period buildings.  Along the riverside is a walk way where in the late afternoon people can be seen moving to aerobic music led by an inspiring leader calling out the moves.

One of the highlights of Battambang is the Bamboo Train.  During the 1980’s when the transport infrastructure was destroyed the Norrie was born.  The Bamboo train is a crude assembly of a bamboo and wooden platform, with wooden struts reesting on the axles of salvaged railway rolling stock wheels.  The engine sits on the back wiht a fan belt attached to a flywheel on the axel. When a train is traveling in the opposite direction the more heavily laden bamboo train has the right of way.  The lighter trains unloads, moves the platform and the wheels and the heavier train continues.  Then the ligher train is reassembled…off clickity clack and clank when the rails do not quite match!

Bamboo Train--driver

Bamboo Train--driver

 Around Battambang are a few interesting sites, temples, and the killing caves.  Skulls are encased in a glass shrine to commemorate the past.

Skulls--killing caves--Phnom Sampov

Skulls--killing caves--Phnom Sampov

The best experience we had was with the Vietnam Embassy.  We got a 30 day visa within one hour.  This is the best embassy-visa experience I have ever encountered.

The surrounding country side harbors Angkorian era ruins and historic pagodas.  The country side offers picturesque rice paddy and village scenery.

The best restaurant , Nary Kitchen, offers cooking classes and provided the best food we had in Asia.






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  1. Whitmore November 7, 2011 at 6:48 am

    What fun – a bamboo train! We will remember also that this is a good place to get a Vietnamese visa. I forget where you got the Cambodian one but will ask before we go.
    Our trip will follow a very similar route. Bangkok still sounds very dicey.. you must have to pass that way on your return journey?

    Happy travels….. P & D

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