Bangkok and to North East Thailand

Bangkok and to North East Thailand

The flight from Colombo in Sri Lanka to Kuala Lampur and the following flight to Bangkok were both early so I could have booked an early flight to Bangkok but overall it was seamless.  I arrived at the Lamphu Inn at around 9pm.  The Thai immigration is quick and efficient and the shuttle bus to Kao San Road was ready to leave as I arrived at the waiting area.  This is the first time I have been in the new Suvarnabhumi Airport.  It is a vast improvement over the old one. 

Photos can not capture the essence of Kao San but I found this video that will give you a taste of what this area is all about

Kao San Road Video

For those of you who have been to Kao San Road you know it can be sensory overload with the mixture of tourists from every country in every mode of dress, vendors are on the streets and on the sidewalks. Every corner has something for sale or something to eat.  Vendors are set up in every nook and cranny to sell everything “made in China”  imaginable.  The clubs with the beautiful Thai Bar girls are on every corner and the electronic music is blasting from huge speakers on to the street.  Even though I was tired I had to walk down Kao San and Soi Rambuti  just to reconnect with this fabulous vibe.

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