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Atbara to Khartoum (Meroe)

With instructions in English and Arabic   from Anthony I caught the mini bus to Ed daer.  Here I changed for Shendi and asked to be let off at Bajarawija to visit the pyramids at Meroe with the hopes of catching a bus to Khartoum after the visit.

After the visit to the pyramids it took almost an hgour to flag down a bus which was going to North Khartoum.  From here I was directed to a minbus to Souq Arabi–the heart of Khartoum.  I tried 2 hotels and both were full so finally settled on Badr Tourist Palace which is overated at 40sp with shared bathroom and A/C) and a little bit clean.

 The next morning after a couple hours of searching I found teh Al Nakhil hotel where I have my own bathroom and a huge room and only two windows boarded up because the glass is broken…but the sheets had been freshly washed and it is reasonably clean.

After I wandered to the Ethiopia visa, but the office was closed for the day and i also missed the office hours to obtain my travel permit to Kassala.  So looks as if I am in Khartoum until Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Last night when I was heading to the internet cafe I ran into Norman (my travel partner from the ferry crossing and parts of north Sudan). We must be the only two tourists in the country..maybe the city. He had just come back from Meroe and so I invited him to stay in my room as it has two beds…so he is off today to Ethiopia and so I will have a preview of what i can expect when I follow in another week or so.

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  1. Roel October 18, 2007 at 2:42 pm

    As usual, sounds like you are having quite an adventure! Keep the stories coming – a good read!

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