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Aswan to Sudan–Oct 8

arrived at the ferry terminal by taxi (30EP) by 9am to get a good place on teh ferry. I was greeted by Abubeker who was already in the lineup and was introduced to his wife Shannia and his sons, Joseph and Hamma.  I then met Ernest and Wilfred from Austria and Norman from Canada.  As foreigners we were the first ones to clear immigration and be let on the boat.  by 10 am we had garnered a space under the starboard liferaft on the top deck to watch all the activity includign truck after truck unloading cargo to the barge which follws the ferry.  we finally left the Port for Sudan at 5pm only 5 hours after the appointed sailing time.

We slept on the top deck under the stars.  It was our plan to sleep under the life rafts but it was deemed that was too dangerous and we were moved to the centre of the boat. 

The arrival in Wadi Halfa was uneventful.  The immigration was closed in order to obtain the important blue stamp in the passport which gives one permission to leave the country.    Immigration opens the next morning at 8am, and the bus to Abri leaves at 3pm  (25SP)

During the ferry journey we met george from Juba and Mohaned from Khartouwm and Zahair from the south and Kahil  and Ibrahim from Egypt.  Offering of help and invitations to visit was profeerd by all.

 In Wadi Halfa Norman and I shared a room at the Delfintoad Hotel for 7sp per person.  It was nice to have a private room.

During ramadam transportation schedules can be unpredictable and scheduled departure times can be easily pushed  back until the bus is full or the cargo is loaded.

From Wadi Halfa our transport (Desert bus) finaly left at 4:30 pm.  We stopped at a construction site for “Breakfast”.  I joined the three other women on the bus in a small tent while the men ate on matsin an open area.  We arrived in Abri around 11pm and found a room at the only Lokanda  (El-fager) who started negotiations at 9sp per person.  We finally agreed on 7sp when it was suggested that we could sleep at the police station.  A local person on the bus had informed us it was 4sp pp.  The Lokanda in Abri is the most unfriendliest and dirtiest in North  Sudan.

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