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Splendid Bar--Touzeur

Splendid Bar–Touzeur

A daily quest searching for the lost Ark of the Covenant—at least for a bottle of something one can tibble in the room.  Beer in a bar—usually located by the noise—male—with a meter square of empty bottles on the table—also smoking dens…sometimes the local brothel..not the best for women…but a second room, called a restaurant is usually available,  which can offer some distance from the massed gathering of testosterone cacophony.  What do they talk about with such gusto? Intimidating if you let it—but if you walk in and own the room what are they going to do>  They certainly can‘t quote the Koran verses.  We are a novelty.

Alcohol can be found at tourist hotels and tourist restaurants, but this would be imbibed with your meal. Tunisian wine is to be drunk with food.  This will be clear after the first swallow.  Fig brandy is not worth a fig.  The pastisis  (anise) is passable  and the cheap beer, actually good.

A third option is some of the large supermarkets sell alcohol, but it is in the back.   It is difficult to find and you have to ask several people until you can locate “the hole in the wall”.


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  1. Randy November 2, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    Nice picture Warren

    Looks like the place agrees with you

    Good trip


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