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Addis to Arba Minch

I caught the bus at 5am to Arba Minch and was lucky to score a seat near the front as the 11 hour trip is very bumpy.  In fact a couple of times people were jostled out of the back seats on to the floor when the driver when over a large bump.

We arrived around 6pm and I went to the Arba Minch Hotel in Shecha (50 Bir) for a tidy room with cold shower.  I enjoyed machiato and beers every day in the Bekele Mola Hotel overlooling the lake.

I also went to the hill town of Dorza and Chencha.  I was fortunate that it was market day in Chencha.

With four other people I did a tour of the Nechisar National Park where we saw Zebras, antelope, monkeys, baboons, kudo and dik diks during the drive through the park.  We then took a boat to the crocodile market (400 Bir) where we saw huge crocodiles, and hippos.  A full day.

The next morning I caught a bus to Awasa which was only a 6 hour bus ride.  It was a good thing as I had a seat at the back of the bus and every bump resulted in a bruise.

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  1. Linda Cross November 26, 2007 at 3:53 am

    Hi Marilyn. I’m following your trip with great interest…hope your feet are OK now. The crocodile market sounded very interesting and I’m curious as to who buys them. Are the crocs alive when sold (zoo specimens?) or are they dead and used for meat, skin etc. Know I’m thinking of you…
    Look forward to seeing you when you get home. Linda

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