Abri to Dongola–October 10

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Abri to Dongola–October 10

The trip from Abri to Dongola is hot and dusty on the back of a bokasi.  the bokasi whirls past Nubian villages and throws dust on the Hile as it flies across the sand.  the Nubian houses are yellow, while, black and grey colors–colors found in the earth in the area.  they are decorated with images which indicate family or protection symbols.

Arriving in Kawa we crossed by ferry and went to find a hotel during the ed el fitre holiday.  all three hotels in the guide book were closes.  We were directed to a business hotel  on the outskirts of town near the security office.  For 50sp (Almullen Hotel) we had a private room with bathroom and A/C, but before we could check in we had to register with the security office. By 9pm we finally had dinner and found an internet cafe.  Can you imagine internet before a shower…even after 4 days in hot and sweating and dusty conditions.  But the next day was Ed and everything would be closed for several days.

Clothes were washed and the next move would be on the Saturday at the earliest if there was any transport out.

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