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I am Marilyn Drews,  a Spirited Bolder Woman who has traveled to over 80 countries and am still counting down.

For the fall of 2013, I headed to Europe for a month (Netherlands, Belgium and France).  On October 29 I flew to Delhi in India.  I was back to Canada on December 17 after 25 hours of transiting.  Keep posted to this site for the adventures!

In fall 2012, the itinerary  included Netherlands, Germany and parts of France, Tunisia and Morocco.

In 2010 I traveled to South East Asia.  The plan included Bali and Java in Indonesia.  Then I flew to to India (Darjeeling, Kolkata and Sikkim and Orissa) and ended in Sri Lanka for the last 2 weeks).  I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

In 2009 I traveled for 3 weeks in Nicaragua and  for 7 weeks in South East Asia (North East Thailand and Sri Lanka).    I want to form an online community of spirited older women who love to travel.  Sometimes I feel as if I am the only one out there traveling on my own in my age range. I do not feel old.  The benefits of traveling at this stage in ones life are so many.  We get respect from the people in the country where we travel.  We are often sought out by people who want to engage us.  It is so fullfiling.  Lets form this connection and our own community.

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